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Review: Wavves @ The Lexington, London. March 3rd 2009.

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Wavves @ Lexington, London. March 3rd 09 by

Wavves – Beach Demon

California’s Wavves have been causing quite a stir since I first found out about them last year from Chris at Gorilla vs Bear. They seem to have made it over to the UK in record time even coming from an American scene that’s increasingly looking to Britain for its quick buck. On their incredibly lo-fi recordings that have been leaked all over the Internet the songs sound a lot more raw and distorted than they do live where the main priority seems to be volume.  The result is that the songs sound a lot more teen punky than I originally picked them out to be.

Wavves main man Nathan Williams on vox and guitar is backed up live by drummer Ryan Ulsh and on tracks like the eponymous ‘Wavves’ the simple surf punk energy works brilliantly as does it on ‘So Bored’. The quieter tracks, of which there are a few paraded tonight, I’d stick clear of, with Nathan’s voice bordering on the annoying when not at a shout. In my book they’re going down as a bit of a poor man’s Nirvana spliced with early Green Day or Blink 182 (thanks Joe). What you get is kind of similar to a Liger – unnecessary but a fun beast that kids will love to talk about.

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Guest review: Crystal Stilts + Wavves + Pens @ Barden’s Boudoir, London. Feb 26th 2009

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A quick word – the below review is from Joe who won his ticket to see Crystal Stilts through the MusicMule mailing list. Sign up here for a chance to win in future competitions – I have Animal Collective and Beirut tickets to give away in the coming weeks.

If any readers would like to try their hand at leaving a review then please get in touch.

In the meantime, thanks Joe.

Crystal Stilts

Crystal Stilts – The SinKing

Pens – 1st support – I quite liked the first noisy, fun song. I spent the rest of Pens wondering why they were there. I concluded it was because they were having a ruddy good time, but mainly because the indie rock media is run by bored men who like to look at young female art students. And then I realized that that in itself is surely a form of art, to get me thinking about why a band are on stage. By the time I’d finished musing the set was over. So that validates Pens as a band for me.

Wavves – great name! Words I would associate with Wavves – Irony & Blink 182 and POP music.
It’s like a bouncy castle -> lots of fun, but gets boring after a while. The pop hooks keep it fresh, and the Blink 182 vocal connotations make me feel fuzzy. The falsetto is another thing which keeps me awake. Also, great name. Maybe you need to know the songs to appreciate the band more but I can’t help feeling that bands like this are popular on the strength of making the aging ruling males of the scene feel young and cutting edge again. Nevertheless, a good band, an important addition to the scene. What’s wrong wanting to feel young again? Well, you could be listening to something more interesting.

Crystal Stilts – finally, some real music and it comes from New York. Music which was consistently just plain good, it sounded great, loud, raw, and fucking cool, no bullshit. The type of cool which is born in New York. Plus having a lead singer who has the voice of Calvin Johnson helps to endear a band to my heart. Continue reading

Upset The Rhythm Night feat. Wavves @ Old Fire Station, Stoke Newington, March 6th.

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WAVVES – So Bored

What? Wavves + Pens + Mazes

Wavves is Californian Nathan Williams and his distortion heavy Beach Boys tinged surf punk tunes. His support slot with Women on Wednesday has sold out and there’s only a handful of tickets left for this.

For Fans Of: Beach Boys, Vivian Girls, Pixies.

Where? Old Fire Station, Stoke Newington.

When? Friday, March 6th.

How Much? £5

Tickets? wegottickets

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Upset The Rhythm feat. Women + Wavves @ The Lexington, March 3rd.

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What? Women + Wavves

I saw Canadians ‘Women’ supporting fellow countryman Chad Van Gaalen (also producer of their debut album) on his UK tour recently and was suitably impressed by their noisy rumblings. I clearly wasn’t the only one as they’re back with a headline tour of their own. Layers of noisy guitar building over and giving way to sweet pop harmonies.

For fans of: Animal Collective, Annuals.

Support comes from the much hyped Wavves from California who plays (really!) distorted beach boys surf jams. Looking forward to him.

For fans of: Vivian Girls, Pixies, The Stooges.

When? Tuesday, March 3rd.

Where? The Lexington, Islington.

How Much? £6.50

Tickets? wegottickets *SOS 29 available here

Women – Shaking Hand


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Crystal Stilts & Wavves, Barden’s Boudoir Dalston, Feb 26th

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What? Crystal Stilts & Wavves

I really rate this band. These Joy Division sounding yanks play their second UK date. As they say on their myspace ‘Love isn’t gravy’?! Supported by the surf noise of Wavves who are causing a fuss over there (U.S.) See here also.

When? Thurs 26th Feb 2009 note date clash with Gang Gang Dance
Where? Barden’s Boudoir, Dalston.
How Much? £7
Tickets? wegottickets