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We Have Band @ Hoxton Bar & Grill, April 16th.

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We Have Band's Darren

What? We Have Band

London boy-girl-boy 3-piece that play glorious 8os tinged, percussive, electro pop anthems. I practically stalked them across America while there recently. Great songs and great fun live. Front man Darren is particularly impressive. They’ve just won the Glastonbury emerging talent prize so will be playing on the Other Stage at this year’s festival. Catch them while you can…

For Fans Of: Hot Chip, Neon Neon, Friendly Fires.

When? Thursday, April 16th.

Where? Hoxton Bar & Grill, Shoreditch.

How Much? £7

Tickets? ticketweb *MM

mp3: We Have Band – You’ve Had Band

Post War Years – No Show

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Apologies to anyone who like myself went to Hoxton Square with the intention of watching Post War Years play yesterday evening. For some reason no-one at Underbelly knew the gig was going on and there was no sign of said band despite their MySpace having listed the gig for the past couple of weeks. Sounds like a case for Scooby and the Gang. To increase the ridiculous/mystery factor of the situation, earlier in the day I spoke to one of the promoters from Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on email and he told me the band were playing there that evening, resulting in me posting that venue up on the site. No sign of them there either then!

Who stole Post War Years after their Rough Trade Instore? Are they still there?

If you have any information please dial 0800-WHO-STOLE-POST-WAR-YEARS!

Apologies once again but I personally plead innocence.

Clash Live presents Flash Guns @ Hoxton Bar & Grill, March 11th 09.

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What? The Answering Machine + Casio Kids + Flash Guns

Personally I’d reverse the bill for this but here’s how they line up this time around:

The Answering Machine headline the night. Nice catchy tunes with spikey indie guitars, energetic but not personally my cup of tea.
For fans of: The Maccabees, The Wombats, stuff like that.

Casio Kids are second up and a lot more exciting. Yes there are inevitably keyboards and lots of interesting blips and bleeps and they sing ion Norwegian, it’s nice to see someone giving their mother tongue a go before trying English.
For fans of: Peter Bjorn and John, Lukestar, The Whitest Boy Alive.

Flash Guns open the proceedings. I’ve been harping on about these young whippersnappers for ages now. Interesting new fact though – they’ve recently become the last band to record at London’s Olympic Studios which was made famous by Led Zeppelin and U2 amongst others. As if that wasn’t enough, they were given the opportunity for free! Catch them while you can.
For fans of: The Clash, The Libertines, Bloc Party.

When? Wednesday, March 11th.

Where? Hoxton Bar & Grill/Kitchen/whatever

How Much? £5

Tickets? clash

mp3: Flash Guns – St George

mp3: Casio Kids – groent-lys-i-alle-ledd

Review: The Soft Pack + CHEW LiPS @ Hoxton Bar & Grill, Feb 26th 09.

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The Soft Pack – Extinction

CHEW LiPS – Salt Air

Holy shit The Muslims were good tonight! Sorry, I mean The Soft Pack! They used to be called The Muslims you see but a few too many feathers were ruffled for that one to last. Anyway forget the name, tonight it’s the music that is most memorable. Like anyone I’m guilty of exaggerating from time to time but to hell with it – The Soft Pack are my new favourite band. Wow this post is off the blasphemy scale at the moment isn’t it! As I write this, set list smugly in hand I can inform you that the band start with tracks: ‘On My Time’, ‘Faithman’ and ‘Right Wrong’ all of which I’m unfamiliar with, my experience of them so far limited to MySpace tracks and their brilliant ‘Nightlife’ 7” single.

The songs are thankfully good enough to make prior knowledge unnecessary for enjoyment. Front man Matt immediately demands your attention with his lazy yet hard hitting vocal style, he has a bit of a shy college boy Jagger thing going on, an effortless coolness, which is surely the best type of cool. After the opening trio we get ‘Extinction’ and cue the start of the mosh pit, something you wouldn’t generally expect at this trendy East London venue on a Thursday eve but the crowd are really into the band tonight. A couple more tracks, new to me, succeed in keeping us enthralled.

Then onto the home straight and the best ten minutes of live music I’ve seen all year and the bar has already been set pretty high. Continue reading

Review: Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains + Ed Bagira, Hoxton Bar and Grill, Feb 10th 2009.

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Ed Bagira, Hoxton B&G, Feb 10th 09

On a couple of occassions recently I’ve come away from gigs debating whether I preferred the unknown support band or the one I actually bought the ticket to see. A good advertisement for the healthy state of the London music scene at the moment and a fine reward for simply getting to a show early.

Tonight it happens again when I’m blown away by the Josef K meets Television meets Nirvana post-punk of ‘Ed Bagira’. Frontman Chris’ slight figure still manages to cut a good presence and his vocal style is a delicate balance between singing and timely, throaty growls. The three piece lineup of guitar, bass and drums provide that tight, direct sound that served bands like Nirvana so well. They can play some too, swapping instruments for a song mid set and showing no loss of fluency for another well worked jam of a song. I’m unsure whether the band had any input for it but the McDonalds ridiculing slideshow going on in the background of their set served as an amusing focus of attention for times when your eyes wanted to wander a little even if your ears were still very much engaged. Continue reading

Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains, Hoxton Bar & Grill, Feb 10th

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What? Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains

Sebastien Grainger, best known as drummer from electronic duo DFA 1979 returns to our attention and it sounds like he may exceed the achievements of his former band. He’s here for a string of dates in February but I’ve picked out the one below. See his myspace for more.

When? Tues Feb 10th

Where? Hoxton Bar and Grill, Shoreditch.

How Much? £7.50

Tickets? ticketweb

Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains – By Cover Of Night (Fire Fight)