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Be Presents: Gold Teeth @ Proud Gallery, May 23rd.

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gold-teeth-can-see-the-futureWhat? Gold Teeth

I’ve been singing the praises of these guys for ages now and thankfully people are starting to take note including the BBC, Telegraph and Dazed and Confused. Their sound is a really fresh one, a kind of wonky global pop/rock combining elements of calypso, prog, ska, electro and rock. Hard to get your head around? Take a listen to a sample track below. Their perhaps less political but sonically at least I think they’re a better version of The King Blues.
For Fans Of: Gorillaz, The King Blues, Blur, The XX Teens.


Battant, are one of those bands who are inexplicably not massive, hopefully tonight’s show will go someway to rectifying that leaving the French three piece with another room full of converts. For those yet to be seduced by their dark charms expect to be swept away by their goth tinged electro-rock, that has already mades fans of the likes of Andrew Weatherall. –
For Fans Of: The Stooges, The Velvet Underground, Depeche Mode.

is computer game obsessed New Zealander Luke Rowell who essentially aims to soundtrack a night driving around town in a flame red Lambourghini with a computer created Kelly LeBrock at your side. It sounds good to me.
For Fans Of: Kraftwerk, Sparks, Neon Neon.

Shock Defeat! a play post-punk disco clatter that’s so good it provoked Felix from Hot Chip to say “I only like one Band in the whole of London and it is you”. Grand praise indeed. It sounds fresh. Kind of like Mark E Smith jamming with DFA.
For Fans Of: The Fall, Talking Heads, DFA.

When? Saturday, May 23rd.

Where? Proud Gallery, Camden.

How Much? £10

Tickets? On The Door  – to skip the queue email for guestlist.

mp3: Gold Teeth – The Film
mp3: Battant – Radio Rod
mp3: Disasteradio – Awesome Feelings
mp3: Shock Defeat! – Rubber Headband