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Wildbirds & Peacedrums

June 3rd 09

mp3: Wildbirds & Peacedrums – My Heart

Wildbirds & Peacedrums are Swedish husband and wife duo Mariam Wallentin and Andreas Werliin. Drums and vocals are the order of the day and boy do they serve them up with some style. If ‘My Heart’ doesn’t move you on some level then you’re probably already dead inside!For Fans Of: Lykke Li, Volcano!, Indian Jewelry.

Their second album ‘The Snake’, released in the UK on the Leaf label in April this year, confirmed their status as one of the most hypnotic and exciting new bands around. ‘My Heart’ is a stunning 7.39 of primal drumming and the sweet like honey voice of Mariam with what sounds like a xylophone and keys floating invitingly in the background. The song becomes practically a gospel track, resulting in one of the most uplifting numbers I’ve heard in a while. Mariam’s vocal line ‘I’m lost without your rhythm’ sums it up perfectly. Gorgeous is not too strong a word in this case.

Their live show is supposed to be something special so make sure you catch them at one of the dates below.

live: XFM Xposure @ Barfly Camden, June 4th. / A Ritual For Elephant & Castle @ The Coronet.

buy: The Snake   CD/LP DL iTunes

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The Temper Trap @ Camden Crawl 2009May 21st 09

mp3: The Temper Trap – Resurrection

The Temper Trap are from Melbourne but now live in my backyard, Hackney. Not literally my backyard as I don’t have a garden so that would be weird. If you haven’t heard me ranting about them already then they are my favourite new band for a long time. If you have heard me ranting then I apologise but hopefully you’ll still enjoy this latest offering ‘Resurrection’ from their forthcoming album ‘Conditions’.

‘Resurrection’ is already a live favourite for this fan. Just as epic if not quite as immediate as previous tracks I’ve posted ‘Sweet Disposition’ and ‘Science of Fear’ but with an entirely different feel to both of those songs. Dougy’s voice is given the chance to work at both a quiet soulful level and in full rock out flight during the massive end verse and chorus which is built to through four minutes of calculated jamming. It’s a good sign when you’re still wanting more at the end of five and a half minutes.

For Fans Of: TV On The Radio, U2, The Invisible.

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miles benjamin anthony robinson album

May 20th 09

mp3: Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – Buriedfed

‘Buriedfed’ is taken from this 25 year old’s debut album out now on Transgressive records. The man of many names, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson hails from Brooklyn and although his album does feature cameos from some key players in the Brooklyn scene (namely Chris Taylor Of Grizzly Bear and Kyp Malone of TV On The Radio), he has very much his own voice.

It’s a bluesy, anguished voice but that’s somehow reassuring and uplifting at the same time perhaps much in the same way as that of another world weary youngster, Micah P Hinson. ‘Buriedfed’ starts as a gloriously simple down beat example of Miles’ melancholy songwriting with voice and plucked guitar to which gets added haunting backing vocals, a simple driving drum beat and slide guitar as the song progresses. The final result is a rich textured song carried along with Miles’ exclaiming ‘Make someone else feel dirty instead’ and ‘Believe me I wish I were dead’.

buy: Miles Benjamin Anthony  CD iTunes

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May 19th 09

mp3: Suckers – It Gets Your Body Movin’ (Alternate Version)

Founding members of Suckers, multi-instrumentalists and cousins Quinn Walker and Austin Fisher grew up together in a small fishing village in Conneticut but eventually relocated to New York where they recruited a friend Pan (another multi-instrumentalist) and drummer/keyboardist Brian Aitken. The four-piece are now very much immersed in the Brooklyn scene and in 2008 they released debut double album ‘Laughter’s An Asshole/Lion Land’ on CocoRosie’s label Voodoo-Eros. Subsequently the band garnered some rave reviews and support slots for the likes of fellow Brooklynites: MGMT, Kyp Malone (TV On The Radio) Chairlift and Yeasayer whose guitarist Anand Wilder produced the new Suckers EP.

Musically they have psychedelic, surfy and campfire singalong vibes all thrown into one big warm, euphoric buzz. The original version of ‘Get Your Body Moving’ is featured on the band’s new ‘Suckers EP’ which isn’t currently due a release over here but you can grab it on import from the wonderful Insound below. The mp3 I’ve posted is their beautifully relaxed ‘alternate version’. Kick back and enjoy.

For Fans Of: Animal Collective (Campfire Songs era), Flaming Lips, My Morning Jacket (earlier releases).

buy: Suckers EP (Insound import)

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11th May 09

mp3: Dirty Projectors – Stillness Is the Move

Dirty Projectors are Dave Longstreth and band. In it’s current incarnation the group now consists of Angel Deradoorian, Amber Coffman, Brian Mcomber and David as principal members. Dave is considered as somewhat of a musical visionary within the current Brooklyn scene that he has helped to spawn. ‘Stillness In The Move’ is the new single taken from Dirty Projectors forthcoming album ‘Bitte Orca’ due to be released June 9th through Domino Records.

It’s by far the most accessible track I’ve heard Dave put his name to. Unlike most of the material Dave’s unique vocals don’t feature strongly, the honour is left to Amber to carve out what is an irresistible pop/r’n’b/dance vocal which some may be surprised to hear from the band. Those who know them better though may be aware of Dave’s fondness for Mariah Carey (!) and a soulful r’n’b tinged tune like that of 2007 album Rise Above’s stunning title track so it’s not all surprises.

They’ve recently collaborated with David Byrne (Talking Heads) on ‘Knotty Pine’ for the Red Hot ‘Dark Was The Night’ compilation and are supporting TV On The Radio in the U.S. Watch out world, Dirty Projectors are coming for you!

Pre-Order: Stillness In The Move 12″
Pre-Order: Bitte Orca
Buy: Rise Above    CD/LP iTunes

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May 6th 09

mp3: Holloys – Lake Land

Holloys is the vehicle for the music of Los Angeles based visual artist and songwriter Jim Brown. Word has it the band used to go for a more ambient noise sound but thankfully on their ‘Art Wars’ EP they’ve progressed to an altogether more danceable and on occasions poppy sound. But make no mistake this is music with substance, full of a variety of cultural influences and sounds from prog to dance to trance to afro-pop. The track I’ve picked is EP opener ‘Lake Land’ with it’s glorious almost bhangra style guitar lick and it’s call to arms lyrics of ‘I send the holloys’. It’s not the most obvious track off the EP, it is ‘Heart Mission’ which will grab the headlines but ‘Lake Land’ may have more longevity. Buy this EP from your new favourite band!

Buy: Art Wars EP   CD / DLoad

Live: Ariel Pink + Holloys @ The Luminaire, May 20th.

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May 4th 09

mp3: The Horrors – Scarlet Fields

The new album ‘Primary Colours’ by The Horrors is out today and it is an absolute cracker. They’ve shaken things up a lot from their last offering ‘Strange House’ in 2006. I’ve chosen the track ‘Scarlet Fields’ as an example of what the album has to give. Gorgeous guitar effects, euphoric keys, driving bass and drums and dark echoed vocals offering up the winning couplet:

‘see yourself, your image in the eyes of someone else
see yourself, your fears as they appear to someone else’

For Fans Of: Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain.

Buy: Primary Colours   CD / DLoad

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everything-everythingApril 29th 09

mp3: Everything Everything – Photoshop Handsome

This lucky guy caught Everything Everything of Manchester at Camden Crawl the other day and was impressed with their upfront, harmony heavy, math rock meets infectious guitar pop style. On further inspection the songs stand up just as well on record. It was a hard pick between this forthcoming single, the wonderfully titled, ‘Photoshop Handsome’ and their debut offering ‘Suffragette Suffragette’ but I’ve gone with the fresh out the oven one. Be warned it will get inside your head!

For Fans Of: Foals, Talking Heads, Animal Collective, Radiohead, Kate Bush, I could go on!

buy: Suffragette Suffragette  7″mp3

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Choir Of Young Believers

March 31st 09

mp3: Choir Of Young Believers – Action/Reaction

So I’ve already posted this  Choir Of Young Believers song up in my review of SXSW 2009 but this song has me hooked so much that I want to wave it in your faces one more time to make sure you don’t miss it! Gorgeous vocals, hypnotic drums. A beautiful warm noise.

A little bit of background – the band are from Copenhagen and in their full glory they are: Jannis Noya Makrigiannis, Anders Rhedin, Jakob Milung, Cæcilie Trier, Lasse Herbst, Casper Henning Hansen, Bo Rande, Mette Sand Hersoug, Nicolai Kleinerman and Sonja Labianca. Wowzers! They recently won Best New Act at the Danish equivalent to the Brits. I’m keeping eagle eyed for any UK tour dates that come up so watch this space.

For Fans Of: Fleet Foxes, Peter Bjorn & John, Midlake, Fleetwood Mac.

buy: Action/Reaction 7″

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March 10th 09

mp3: Amanda Palmer – Leeds United

Amanda Palmer used to be one half of Punk/German Cabaret duo the Dresden Dolls who were pretty big back in the early 90’s. She’s now going solo and this is an offering from her album ‘Who Killed Amanda Palmer’. This lady has a big voice, it won’t be for everyone but I can’t get enough of this song – loud horns, loud vocals, lyrics like ‘who needs love when there’s Southern Comfort?’ = A lot of fun.

Oh she dated a musician (?) from Leeds and got thrown into being a Leeds supporter for a while apparently!

buy: Who Killed Amanda Palmer

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March 4th 09

mp3: Telepathe – Can’t Stand It

This Telepathe track is best listened to on a bright morning like the ones we’ve just started to get again, and preferably when still in a bit of a sleepy daze. The song is a perfect combination of dreamy synth, crashing cymbals, programmed beats and the irresistible vocals of the bizarrely named Busy Gangnes. Easy to see why David Sitek (TV On The Radio) decided to produce their excellent debut Dance Mother.

For Fans Of: TV On The Radio, School Of Seven Bells, The Deer Tracks.

Buy Dance Mother from Rough Trade / 7 Digital

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Hello Seahorse!

March 3rd 09

Hello Seahorse! – Universo 2

I like I like I like! Hello Seahorse and their ! are from Mexico City which is exciting in itself but thankfully I’m excited more by this beautiful tripped out electro rock jam and it’s dreamy Spanish female vocals. ‘Universo 2’ is taken from their 2008 album Hoy A Las Ocho, which I think means ‘Today at eight’. You can buy it from iTunes or emusic. Also look out for their new album ‘Bestia’ coming soon.

For fans of: Sigur Ros, School Of Seven Bells, The Deer Tracks.

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Feb 25th 09

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Dull Life

Damn it’s exciting, the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album ‘It’s Blitz!’ is out on April 13th and we get it a day before the US for some reason. Having said that the record has already leaked to the Internet and people have been saying that it’s a bit dancier than older stuff, which some of it is but it’s lost none of the custom YYY’s intensity for it. Just check out this little gem called ‘Dull Life’, it was a toss up between posting this and ‘Hysteric’ or ‘Soft Shock’ or… fuck this album is going to be good!!!

There doesn’t seem to be any artwork out yet for the album so you’ll have to settle for the um eye opening cover above for new single ‘Zero’, which is up on their MySpace now and is out through iTunes on April 6th in UK or now in US.

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Feb 23rd 09

The Soft Pack – Nightlife

The Soft Pack used to be called The Muslims, yes it was a better name but it’s gone, let it go!

Their music is great, laid back and dance inducing all at the same time. They’re from San Diego and you can practically taste the sunshine in their music. They evidently like The Stooges a bit. I can’t stop playing Nightlife and it’s b-side Beside  Myself, buy the 7-Inch and it’s beautifully embossed sleeve from Pure Groove and come to see them with me at Hoxton Bar and Grill this Thursday.

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Feb 17th 09

Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People

I’ve just got my hands on ‘Walking On A Dream’ the debut album from Ozzies of the moment Empire Of The Sun. You may have already heard the excellent lead single of the same name so I won’t post that today. Empire Of The Sun are Emperor Steele (Luke Steele also from band The Sleepy  Jackson) and Lord Littlemore (Nick Littlemore also of Pnau) and they are apparently aiming to spread joy, colour, unity and peace across the world through their super produced Prince and Michael Jackson esque slices of 80’s tinged electro pop. Oh and they will dress up like intergalactic tribal warriors while doing so. Sounds like a plan! In case you haven’t guessed the music is pretty over the top too. My on repeat track is the epic, but laid back compared to some of the tracks, ‘We Are The People’.

The album is available to download for £4 from 7digital at the moment or £8 from Amazon as it’s probably worth getting the glorious album cover. I’m looking forward to whenever the live show gets here.

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Feb 10th 09

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

This song is epic. What a great guitar line and the guy’s voice is amazing. He’s called Dougy by the way. I don’t know a lot else at this stage apart from The Temper Trap are from Melbourne and they’ve just recorded their debut album with renowned UK producer Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, DJ Shadow, Bjork, Massive Attack, Goldfrapp, Kasabian). They’re also not tour shy so I’m looking forward to featuring them on musicmule sometime soon.

‘Sweet Disposition’ is the first snippet of the album they’ve released to whet our appetites for the rest of the record due out ‘in early 2009’.

Moreish like crack.

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Also check out their BBC introducing session.

The Low Anthem - oh-my-god-charlie-darwin

Feb 6th 09

The Low Anthem – Charlie Darwin

On repeat: my track of the moment.

This song is magical. Beautiful three way harmonies and acoustic guitar in this homage to the 200th Anniversary of Charles Darwin!

The Low Anthem are a new band out of Providence, Rhode Island who release this song and debut UK single available through End Of The Road label. The 7″ release is out on February 12th, it’s cover is hand painted by the band and limited to 500 copies. This one should go down in history. Pre-order from End of the Road.

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Fanfarlo - Reservoir

Jan 29th 09, Fanfarlo – I’m A Pilot

Those nice guys in Fanfarlo have just sent me this free track from their forthcoming album ‘Reservoir’. It’s another beautiful acoustic guitar lead emotional number. For me they lie somewhere between Arcade Fire and Belle and Sebastian, a good somewhere. They deserve to be huge. See them at their Valentine’s day gig.

Fanfarlo – I’m A Pilot


2 Responses to “*On Repeat”

  1. EmilyBlythe Says:

    I absolutely love MGMT and TV on the Radio and I came upon your site, and I’ve downloaded almost every band you have on this page, and I fell in love with them.
    I am always looking for new bands and now I have a new playlist to last me all summer!
    Thanks! and keep up with the great music!

    • Really Really glad you like the music Emily. The site is soon moving to http://musicmule.co.uk
      It goes officially live tomorrow but you can get on it now if you like. You are one of the first people I’ve told!
      If you want to then sign up for the mailing list there.



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