Musicmule is dedicated to good music and in particular live music.

For me a gig is hands down the best way to enjoy an artist, can’t convince me otherwise, I’m ‘stubborn as a mule’ on the point. So often I won’t fully appreciate an album until I’ve heard it performed infront of me.

Thankfully there seem to be more gigs than ever at the moment. From psych-folk to anti-folk to indie-dance to dubstep to math rock to hip-hop to prog rock to nu-rave and lots more genres with stupid names that people haven’t dreamt up yet!  Whatever your bag there’s a lot going on and especially in London, which is luckily my home and the focus of this blog for now.

That’s where musicmule hopes to help. Recommendations which will be honest if not always for you.

Artists aren’t selling many cd’s these days so why not support them by going to see them play, buying some sweet merch and maybe throwing them a few coppers if it’s not too busy!

I’ll be at the front with my change ready,


e: info@musicmule.co.uk


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