Review: The Leisure Society @ RTE, June 4th.

The Leisure Society played a free instore at the marvellous Rough Trade East in Brick Lane yesterday. The seven-piece wooed the audience with their gorgeous melodic folk tunes, sweet harmonies and stories of Rolf Harris.

Vocalist, guitarist and ukulele player Nick Fleming tells us that he unfortunately didn’t win the Ivor Novello Award that his Leisure Society song ‘Last of The Melting Snow’ was nominated for but that it was all worthwhile as he got to shake Rolf Harris’s hand. ‘And I touched his cock!’ adds second vocalist/keyboard/ukulele player Christian who is clearly in a mischievous mood. He later bizarrely asks the audience if they have any pets or pet photos with them, at which point I get to show off the photo of my legendary dog Nelson on my phone. I knew that would come in handy one day!

Anyway to the music! Nick’s stunning vocals and ukulele kick off proceedings with a beautiful version of ‘Love’s Enormous Wings’ despite initial sound troubles. The rest of the seven-piece band eventually join in on violin, cello, glocks/flute, bass, keyboards and drums. As you can imagine it’s a full, rich sound that ensues. The quality of the songs is undoubtedly there too with tracks like the previously mentioned ‘Last Of The Melting Snow’ and other album highlights including ‘We Were Wasted’ and ‘A Short Weekend Begins With Longing’.

We also get a wonderfully performed full band version of forthcoming single ‘Save It For Someone Who Cares’ which for me isn’t the most obvious of single choices but is a fine song nonetheless. Their most upbeat number ‘A Matter Of Time’ closes the set in (folk) rocking fashion but the highlight of the evening for me was a skilfully performed cover of Gary Numan’s ‘Cars’ which you can check out at the top of this post. Genius

For Fans Of: Fleet Foxes, Sufjan Stevens, The Miserable Rich.

live: June 12th 09, The Wilkkommen Colelctive @ Union Chapel, Angel. /

July 22nd 09, The Leisure Society @ ULU, Central London.

mp3: The Leisure Society – We Were Wasted

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