Just For Kicks: The Temper Trap, Wildbirds & Peacedrums & St. Vincent

This week in Just For Kicks: The Temper Trap leak another song from their upcoming album ‘Conditions’, to celebrate their presence in the capital there’s a Wildbirds & Peacedrums upbeat percussive gem and last but in no way imaginable least there’s a gorgeous track from Annie Clark a.k.a. St. Vincent.



‘Rest’ is the latest track to emerge from the highly anticipated debut album from Melbourne band (now re-located to Hackney) The Temper Trap. It’s another infectious slice of guitar led art-rock featuring Dougy’s flawless falsetto. The song starts with an electronic pulse but the ‘Oh Baby’ intro starts you feel like you could be listening to some sort of soul classic, right until the roaring guitars kick in at least. It’s magical live too. See below for their London date.  I implore you to check them out.

mp3: The Temper Trap – Rest

For Fans Of: TV On The Radio, U2, Sonic Youth.

live: The Temper Trap @ ICA, The Mall. July 15th



Wildbirds & Peacedrums - The Snake

‘Places’ by Wildbirds & Peacedrums is one of their most straightforward, upbeat tracks. Mesmerising drumming as always from Andreas and Mariam’s vocals are supremely soulful, part Nina Simone part Feist but all herself.

mp3: Wildbirds & Peacedrums – Places

For Fans Of: Nina Simone, Lykke Li, Feist.

live: TONIGHT, June 5th @ The Coronet, Elephant & Castle.

buy: The Snake



‘Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood’ is perhaps not a title you’d associate with angel faced Oklahoma gal St. Vincent but there’s more than meets the eye to this ex Polyphonic Spree member. Taken from her second album ‘Actor’ which is a lot more varied than her debut ‘Marry Me’ which, with the exception of the excellent ‘Now Now’, failed to completely grab me.

This is not the case with ‘Actor’ which is engaging from track one through to its end. She seems to have taken heed from fellow American indie heroes like Dirty Projectors and Grizzly Bear and added real depth and passion for experimentation to her sound. Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood is drum heavy as are a lot of the well produced tracks on the album. It’s also got beautiful, sparse strings and a great vocal hooks like the lines ‘all of my old friends aren’t so friendly, all of my old haunts are now haunting me’.

One of the albums of the year so far, she thoroughly deserves the attention she is getting. See her at the ICA or headlining the Bella Union stage at the Wireless festival in Hyde Park in July.

mp3: St Vincent – Lauging With A Mouth Of Blood

For Fans Of: Feist, School Of Seven Bells (vocals), Dirty Projectors, Grizzly Bear.

buy: Actor  CD/LP DL

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