Review: Gang Gang Dance @ Dingwalls, June 1st.

Gang Gang Dance @ Dingwalls, June 1st 2009.

Gang Gang Dance seem to be attracted to infernos. In February all of their equipment burned to the ground along with the Amsterdam venue they had played the previous evening. Tonight in a packed Dingwalls the temperature must be somewhere close to that blaze.

Having become hopelessly addicted to GGD’s last album, 2008’s ‘Saint Dymphna’ I had been anticipating this gig for sometime. As it would seem had another self confessed GGD addict in the form of Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor whose side project ‘About’ opened the show.

As the band takes to the stage front lady Lizzi Bougatsos doesn’t seem phased by the air of expectation as she beams a smile out at the crowd. This is my first live encounter with GGD and as much as I love the band’s latest recordings, tonight they make you work a little hard for your kicks. Moments of absolute elation do come in the form of songs like the incendiary ‘House Jam’ but they are too few and far between. Perhaps it’s a measure of respect though that the crowd don’t seem to mind the several minutes of noise and tripped out vocals that precede a minute of serious groove.

The band’s sound, as ever, varies from garage to grime to house to industrial and beyond. Guitarist Josh Diamond lays down some of the haunting psychedelic guitar riffs that I love so much from Saint Dymphna. Multi-instrumentalist Brian DeGraw follows suit in between a five minute pause to replace a broken keyboard and a vicious attack on his faulty amp towards the end of their set. The music is unsurprisingly sample heavy including Lizzi’s vocals which are backed up by ghostly echoes of herself. In honesty, I’m more blown away by her awesome stage-front drumming than her voice this evening.

Gang Gang Dance @ Dingwalls, Camden. June 1st 2009.

Alexis joins his heroes on stage for the end ten minutes of their set, adding to the already formidable percussion of Tim DeWit and Lizzi. The band launches one final assault on the senses including DeGraw’s psychopathic screams that have two guys in front of me laughing at each other.

Alexis drums with Gang Gang Dance, Dingwalls, June 1st 2009.

This isn’t particularly accessible music, even less so live and with that in mind it’s no mean feat that these avant-garde Brooklynties have managed to keep the majority of this summer sweatbox dancing for over an hour including myself.

Nick Whitcomb

For Fans Of: About, Psyence Fiction era U.N.K.L.E., Telepathe.

mp3: Gang Gang Dance – Blue Nile

One Response to “Review: Gang Gang Dance @ Dingwalls, June 1st.”

  1. Liz couldn’t keep a beat to save herself.. sad really. the show could have been good

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