Just For Kicks: Passion Pit, Miles B.A.R & Grizzly Bear

Tracks for the weekend made up of songs from three of my favourite new albums including one from the Grizzly Bear record out this week. Also check out their Black Cab Session above, an alternate version of album track ‘All We Ask’.



Passion Pit’s ‘Little Secrets’ is the most sublime piece of synth pop I’ve heard since well.. their ‘Sleepyhead’ song or maybe their single ‘The Reeling’. They know how to write a catchy tune. It’s taken from debut album ‘Manners’ which was out earlier this month. Michael Angelakos and his almost chipmunk esque falsetto is the star of the show as usual but as with the rest of the record it’s a band effort these days. I love it. For Fans Of: MGMT, The Avalanches, Starfucker.

mp3: Passion Pit – Little Secrets

buy: Manners  CD/LP DL

live: Koko, Camden, Oct 27th.



Miles Benjamin Antony Robinson’s self titled album has been playing non stop since I saw him at The Lexington on Tuesday night. ‘The Debtor’ is the track I’ve chosen but to be honest it could have been any of at least five stand outs. A little bit dark but delivered I imagine with the same wry smile he exhibits when playing live. A brooding song featuring the line ‘I’m not sure I want to stay alive, it’s so expensive that you could die’. I love Miles’ guitar sound and the piano too. For Fans Of: Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, Micah P Hinson.

mp3: Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – The Debtor

buy: Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson   CD




Grizzly Bear’s long awaited third album ‘Veckatimest’ was out this week and and as predicted after hearing tracks like ‘While You Wait For The Others’ and ‘Two Weeks’ which have been floating around for a while now. ‘Ready, Able’ is one I hadn’t heard and it’s a gorgeous typically baroque pop affair with beautiful psychedelic keys kicking in almost half way through to join gorgeous guitar and beautiful lilting vocals that are trademark Grizzly Bear. Stunningly beautiful. The whole album is currently streaming on their MySpace. For Fans Of: Animal Collective, Deerhunter, Beach House.

mp3: Grizzly Bear – Ready, Able

buy: Veckatimest CD/LP DL

live: Koko, Camden, Aug 18th.


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