Just For Kicks: Music Mule’s Weekend Tracks, May 22nd.

Local Natives

You have to love May – another bank holiday, which means four tracks in Just For Kicks this week. It’s an American heavy line up but don’t worry there’s a Geordie named Beth Jeans Houghton in there too. Representing the yanks are Acrylics, Local Natives and Baby Venom.


Acrylics are from Brooklyn and the same prolific scene that has spawned MGMT and Chairlift. They’re not a million miles away from the blissful pop that those two are capable of. The band apparently has a fondness for all things 70s pop and that comes through in ‘Molly’s Vertigo’ with it’s beautiful acoustic strings hovering above a straight up 70s pop/disco bassline and sweet female vocals. This could be big…

For Fans Of: MGMT, Chairlift, Fleetwood Mac.

mp3: Acrylics – Mollys Vertigo

via: GvsB


Local Natives I’m very excited about. From Silver Lake, USA they play an irresistible atmospheric folk/pop mash up with some of the sweetest vocal harmonies I’ve heard in a while. ‘Stranger Things’ is taken from forthcoming debut album, Gorilla Manor. The simple percussion reminds me of early My Morning Jacket albums as do the front man’s vocals at times while the strings remind me of Mellon Collie era Smashing Pumpkins which is a fine thing. Local Natives seem to have elements of a lot of amazing bands from the past ten years or so pieced together to great effect. This year’s Fleet Foxes maybe? Look out for UK dates coming soon to coincide with a single, ‘Sun Hands’ out on July 6th.

For Fans Of: Fleet Foxes, Vampire Weekened, Flaming Lips, My Morning Jacket, Band Of Horses, The Arcade Fire.

mp3: Local Natives – Stranger Things


Beth Jeans Houghton is only 19 and already an exceptional songwriter. It’s ok to be jealous! ‘Veins’ is a gorgeous psych-folk track with an understated electronic pulse running throughout. Beth’s voice is rich and powerful on its own but with the echo and self backing vocals here what you get is a powerful, haunting effect which is irresistible. Look out for a Music Mule interview with Beth coming soon.

For Fans Of: Vashti Bunyan, Kate Bush, Blue Roses.

mp3: Beth Jeans Houghton – Veins


Baby Venom are a Baltimore boy,boy,girl outfit playing off kilter, keyboard led electronic pop tunes. Take a listen to the gorgeous piano riff on ‘Take Out Breakfast’ and see if you don’t get hooked. They’re Deerhunter approved too having just supported Brandon Cox and co at their Scala gig. Baby Venom play Friendly Street Gallery, London tonight if anyone’s in the area.

For Fans Of: Micachu, Flaming Lips, Grandaddy.

mp3: Baby Venom – Take Out Breakfast

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