On Repeat: The Temper Trap – Resurrection

The Temper Trap @ Camden Crawl 2009

The Temper Trap are from Melbourne but now live in my backyard, Hackney. Not literally my backyard as I don’t have a garden so that would be weird. If you haven’t heard me ranting about them already then they are my favourite new band for a long time. If you have heard me ranting then I apologise but hopefully you’ll still enjoy this latest offering ‘Resurrection’ from their forthcoming album ‘Conditions’.

‘Resurrection’ is already a live favourite for this fan. Just as epic if not quite as immediate as previous tracks I’ve posted ‘Sweet Disposition’ and ‘Science of Fear’ but with an entirely different feel to both of those songs. Dougy’s voice is given the chance to work at both a quiet soulful level and in full rock out flight during the massive end verse and chorus which is built to through four minutes of calculated jamming. It’s a good sign when you’re still wanting more at the end of five and a half minutes.

For Fans Of: TV On The Radio, U2, The Invisible.

mp3: The Temper Trap – Resurrection

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