Review: The Great Escape 2009, day 3.

Mystery Frontman

So the third and final day of The Great Escape 2009 and being a Saturday it was the busiest of the lot crowd wise. Read on to see which bands made the trip to the seaside worthwhile including the above front man to the best new band in the world – who is it??

Rogues @ The Great Escape 2009

Rogues are a young British 4-piece who I hope have a big future ahead of them. They played a ridiculously short (15 mins) set which was a shame as they were one of the highlights of the day. The packed crowd downstairs at Audio in Brighton including myself could have taken a lot more. Set highlights included ‘Carnival’ and contender for song of the festival ‘Not So Pretty’ which will be an indie disco anthem before long mark my words. For Fans Of: The Temper Trap, Radio 4, Friendly Fires.

The Veils

The Veils are a Kiwi band now based in London town and I’d previously caught them in Brixton Windmill where they impressed hugely. This gig didn’t quite have the musical impact of that one but I still enjoyed front man Finn’s powerful gravelly voice and the blues rock stomp of the band. Conversely however, Finn’s reference to the sea reminding him of ‘God and babies’ did leave me a little stumped. For Fans Of: The White Stripes, The National, The Walkmen.

Dougy of The Temper Trap @ The Great Escape 2009So the mysterious front man bathing in smoke and colour at the top of this post was none other than Dougy of The Temper Trap a.k.a. the best new band in the world according to Music Mule. They’re from Melbourne, now relocated to Hackney, London and if there’s someone better (live at least) then I’d like to know about them. I really hope that whenever their debut album arrives it does their live sound justice. If it does then these guys will be huge. Epic riffs from up to three guitars, amazing drumming (sometimes double when frontman Dougy assaults a floor tom) and above all Dougy’s soulful voice which is phenomenal. The band played 3 tracks which were contenders for songs of the festival – ‘Sweet Disposition’, ‘Science Of Fear’ and ‘Resurrection’. The Temper Trap play Stag & Dagger in Shoreditch this weekend, look out for an up to date preview of that imminently.

White Denim @ The Great Escape 2009If you don’t know White Denim then you will soon as they set to continue their attack on the UK this summer including a slot at Stag & Dagger and a newly announced gig at Heaven Under The Arches. They’re a psychedelic blues/garage rock trio from Austin, Texas fronted by another of the best new voices around (Dougy of Temper Trap being the other) James Petralli. Boy can all of these three skinny guys play their instruments like their life depended upon it too.

They posses one of the best drummers around in Joshua Block who switches between rhythms quicker than most people blink while Steve Terebecki keeps up, looking more like a chemistry lab assistant than a bassist in one of the best bands going. James plays guitar like a man obsessed with the spirit of Hendrix, carving out jagged riffs that hop from one tangent to another. Stick it all together and you have the equivalent to a musical workout. It’s not always that accessible but boy is it impressive. For Fans Of: Jimi Hendrix, The Soft Pack, The White Stripes.

mp3: Rogues – Not So Pretty

mp3: The Veils – Calliope

mp3: The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

mp3: White Denim – All You Really Have To Do

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