Bill Callahan (Smog) @ Union Chapel, Aug 19th.

What? Bill Callahan

Bill Callahan has been making great music for over twenty years now. Usually under the Smog or (Smog) monikers but more recently, with 2009’s ‘Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle’ album, under his own name. Bill’s music is powerful, introspective folk music with vivid imagery and often a quirky story to tell in his deep spoken/sung voice. He currently steps out with Joanna Newsom if you’re after some folk celeb style gossip! The new record is a return to the form of some of Bill’s best records (Supper, Red Apple Falls, etc). Live Bill creates an intense connection with the audience as he eyes shut and often crouching, leads you through his unique tales of Teenage Spaceships and Truth Serums. A rare chance to see a modern day folk legend.

For Fans Of: Smog, Horse Feathers, Bonnie Prince Billy.

When? Wednesday, Aug 19th.

Where? Union Chapel, Angel.

How Much? £16.50

Tickets? ticketweb *MM    *SOS

mp3: Bill Callahan – Rococo Zephyr

previously: Just For Kicks: Bill Callahan – The Wind And The Dove

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