Sunset Rubdown @ The Garage, Sept 15th.

What? Sunset Rubdown

Sunset Rubdown are the side project of the mercurial Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade fame. With two albums already in the bag there’s no shortage of quality material. Their songs are all built around the imagery conjured up by Spencer’s bizarre, ethereal, lyrics about snakes, spirits and magic. The sound is a big one littered with guitars, pianos, accordion, whistles, claps and horns and Spencer’s wonderfully unique voice. Don’t miss this rare UK date.

For Fans Of: Wolf Parade, Miracle Fortress, The Arcade Fire.

When? Tuesday, Sept 15th.

Where? The Garage, Highbury.

How Much? £10

Tickets? ticketweb / tickettext *MM  *SOS

mp3: Sunset Rubdown – They Took A Vote and Said No

One Response to “Sunset Rubdown @ The Garage, Sept 15th.”

  1. zanmanfucius Says:

    Nobody knows them
    And nobody gives a damn either way
    About their blood, their bones
    their voice, and their ghost
    Because nobody knows them
    And nobody gives a damn either way !!

    We both pull the tricks out of our sleeves
    And I’ll Believe In Aything.
    😉 (now “on repeat” thanx for this)

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