Just For Kicks – Bank Holiday Special


As it’s a bank holiday I’m picking four tracks for you lucky people this week including Shock Defeat!, The Horrors, The Big Pink and The Leisure Society. Here’s hoping for a sunny one…


mp3: Shock Defeat! – Fast Hands

Shock Defeat! are Felix of Hot Chip’s favourite London band. Sure with their funky bass lines, noodly guitars and relentless disco drum beats on some levels they sound a lot like their peers Foals and The Rapture. But it’s the quirky vocal delivery of Nic Carter and their slightly off kilter stance more akin to Talking Heads or Devo that makes them a vital new addition to the scene. ‘Fast Hands’ is taken from their ‘Rubber Headband’ EP. The band are as yet unsigned but will be presumably self-releasing another EP, ‘Olympic Village’ soon. Meanwhile go see them live, I’ve heard great things. Date below.

For Fans Of: Talking Heads, The Rapture, Foals.

live: Be @ Proud Gallery, May 23rd.



mp3: The Horrors – Sea Within A Sea

The Horrors are back and they’ve gone and completely re-invented their sound. In doing so they tip their collective hat to a lot of 80s British guitar bands but somehow manage to sound fresh. Gorgeous guitar effects, hypnotic basslines/drum beats, dreamlike echoed vocals and psychedelic keys all make for a hell of a ride on this almost 8 minute epic. It comes with it’s own Jesus and Mary chain directed video too. The song is taken from forthcoming album ‘Primary Colours’ which you can stream here.

For Fans Of: Joy Divison, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cure.

pre order: Primary Colours

live: Electric Ballroom, June 5th



mp3: The Big Pink – Velvet

Not done with your weekend yet? Still got some energy and some fun left in you? Well try on this perfect slice of Madchester meets shoegaze pop for size. I can’t get enough of The Big Pink after seeing a great live performance from them at the ICA the other day. Roll on the album!

For Fans Of: The Stone Roses, My Bloody Valentine, School Of Seven Bells.

buy: Velvet 7″



mp3: The Leisure Society – Come To Your Senses

The Leisure Society are spearheading the vibrant new folk movement in and around London at the moment. They’re part of the Willkommen Collective, centred around Brighton based label Willkommen Records, made up of other talented bands like The Miserable Rich, Sons Of Noel and Adrian and Atlas Crease. Chief songwriter Nick Hemming has just been nominated for an Ivor Novello award and they’ve recently released their debut album ‘The Sleeper’ which earned them a Rough Trade Records album of the week. It’s an absolute gem of an album. Gorgeous guitar picking and strings set to irresistible pop melodies and Nick’s gentle vocal style. Perfect for a lazy day in the sun.

For Fans Of: Fleet Foxes, Vampire Weekend, Sufjan Stevens.

buy: The Sleeper   CD / iTunes

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