Review: Willliam Elliot Whitmore @ The Windmill, Brixton. April 13th

William Elliot Whitmore @ The Windmill, Brixton. April 13th 09 by

mp3: William Elliot Whitmore – Old Devils

Iowa’s William Elliot Whitmore is the real deal. He’s exactly what I want from a blues folk musician – beard toting, whisky downing and most of all a man possessed with the spirit of music. Yee f**cking ha! Luckily he doesn’t keep any of the above to himself this evening (except for the beard thankfully), dishing out shots of whisky to members of the crowd, inviting friends and strangers on stage and taking every request thrown at him.

From opening a-cappella version of ‘Old Devils’ from his new album ‘Animals In The Dark’ it’s apparent that this show is going to be one to remember. His voice easing from a rich grumble to an all out growl with no effort at all. When William sings you feel it in your bones. Armed for the most part with a banjo and occasionally a guitar he treats the audience to 90 mins or so of pure alt.folk/blues bliss, ripping through versions of new songs like ‘There’s Hope For Someone’ and old favourites like ‘One Man’s Shame’ all of which are greeted by rapturous applause. The crowd loves him and he returns the love and the booze tenfold. ‘I wish I could play all night’ he exclaims more than once, the liquor eventually seeming to Make its Mark although thankfully not on the quality of his delivery. William is a unique character, one that has been embraced by the folk and hardcore punk worlds alike with open arms. You can see why. He’s got the punk attitude and intensity and the folkster’s way with words. Equally as likely to serenade your granny or head-butt your father! By the time ‘The Chariot’ is finished I’m so bowled over by the music (and booze) that I don’t particularly care which.

For Fans Of: Leadbelly, Otis Reading, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, (Folky) Springsteen, Pete Seger.

Buy: Animals In The Dark   CD/LP DLoad

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