The Wave Pictures @ ICA, April 15th.


What? The Wave Pictures / An Experiment On A Bird In An Air Pump / Planet Earth

This cheeky Leicestershire born, London based indie trio write gloriously catchy home-made guitar tunes with big lyrics, big melodies, a sense of humour, the odd Northern accent breaking through and last but not least the best song about fruit since The Flaming Lips’ ‘She Don’t Use Jelly’. It’s available below for your listening pleasure.
For Fans Of: Jeffrey Lewis, The Slow Club, Jeremy Warmsley, The Smiths.

If you want to see something different then get there early to check out the artsy named An Experiment On A Bird In An Air Pump. They’re a curvaceous female London 3-piece seemingly of Asian origin who play balls out (except no balls right) gothic post-punk. Expect some noise and expect to be a little bit scared!

Get there even earlier and you may catchy the sweet pop/folk tunes of Sam & Nick a.k.a. Planet Earth. They’ve recently supported Noah & The Whale too.

When? Weds, April 15th.

Where? ICA, Pall Mall.

How Much? £8.50

Tickets? Follow Link at bottom of this page *MM  *SOS

mp3: The Wave Pictures – Strange Fruit Or David

mp3: An Experiment On A Bird In An Air Pump – Saints Don’t Cry

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