Review: Post War Years @ The Delancey, New York. March 16th 09

Post War Years @ The Delancey, New Yprk by

free mp3:Post War Years – Whole World On Its Head

Halle-freaking-lujah I have finally seen Post War Years (PWY). You know a band is going to be special when three other artists you adore (Wave Machines, Rod Thomas, We Have Band) have said they are ‘amazing’ over the past couple of months. Unfortunately I missed their early set before WHB the other night and a couple of weeks before that I tried to see a non existent gig in Hoxton much to my dismay! But those ghosts are behind me now. Time to rejoice in the wonder that is PWY!

Debut single ‘Whole World On Its Head’ is the only one I know well but that’s no spoiler. The confidence and musicianship of these young looking Brits (early 20s?) is what strikes me. Pretty poor sound levels compared to WHB but who cares when you can feel the energy smacking you round the face far more pleasurably then the relentless flash of the NYC paparazzi in the front row. It feels like watching a friend’s band as evidently a large amount of the crowd are doing just that. Tom (vocals,samples, keys) says it’s like playing to ‘Booze Britain’, cheeky chap he is.

They conjure up all the best bits of Foals and The Beta Band. Three vocalists, sample heavy, intense rhythms. Dave Grohl like drummer (I kid not!) Fred is a man possessed and I now posses one of his broken drum sticks as proof. The set flies by and they close with the breathtaking ‘Black Morning’, a group of fans to my left singing every word. Well worth the wait.

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2 Responses to “Review: Post War Years @ The Delancey, New York. March 16th 09”

  1. More bulls eye comments mule. They were brill. Just bugger off SLR mafia. xxx

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