Review: Wavves @ The Lexington, London. March 3rd 2009.

Wavves @ Lexington, London. March 3rd 09 by

Wavves – Beach Demon

California’s Wavves have been causing quite a stir since I first found out about them last year from Chris at Gorilla vs Bear. They seem to have made it over to the UK in record time even coming from an American scene that’s increasingly looking to Britain for its quick buck. On their incredibly lo-fi recordings that have been leaked all over the Internet the songs sound a lot more raw and distorted than they do live where the main priority seems to be volume.  The result is that the songs sound a lot more teen punky than I originally picked them out to be.

Wavves main man Nathan Williams on vox and guitar is backed up live by drummer Ryan Ulsh and on tracks like the eponymous ‘Wavves’ the simple surf punk energy works brilliantly as does it on ‘So Bored’. The quieter tracks, of which there are a few paraded tonight, I’d stick clear of, with Nathan’s voice bordering on the annoying when not at a shout. In my book they’re going down as a bit of a poor man’s Nirvana spliced with early Green Day or Blink 182 (thanks Joe). What you get is kind of similar to a Liger – unnecessary but a fun beast that kids will love to talk about.

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