Review: 1965 Records night ‘Windmill Of Your Mind’ feat. Televised Crimewave, The Palpitations & more.

Televised Crimewave, The Windmill, Feb 12th 09 by

This 1965 Records club night brings together a mixed bag of talent this evening. I’m less offended than I expect to be by Desmond and The Tutus who have their London South African fan club in tow this evening and they must be given credit for livening up an otherwise under capacity and reserved crowd. At first their songs seem to attempt at the territory tread by the more punky, guitar led LCD Soundsystem tracks and while never being that exciting they are perfectly danceable as their fans were testament to. But then I’m confronted by some sort of South African frat boy Rappers Delight/pop medley which is never going to be a good idea! After this the set doesn’t maintain early momentum and goes on way too long for these ears but not for those of the faithful.

Danielle of The Palpitations, The Windmill, Feb 12th 09 by

My hopes are far higher for The Palpitations who are fronted by the frocked and seductive Danielle Web pictured above. A couple of early tunes showcase Danielle’s rich voice and the Moloko meets Portishead minus the electro vibe of the band’s tunes. Unfortunately after a technical error delays the set for a second time early on, guitarist Davey Van Der Mulk (Sulk!) storms off the stage and Danielle concedes defeat with a disappointed ‘fuck it’. Better luck next time.

Televised Crimewave is Daniel Wilson on vocals, Rob Bootle on guitar and vocals, Tom Greatorex on bass and vocals and Craig Bowers on drums. You don’t need too keen an ear to pick up a Northern twang in the voices of the band, and outspoken Dan in particular. The band are now London residents and have been causing quite a stir of late with their live performances across the city. Although The Windmill isn’t full tonight there’s still a good group of interested punters and the band start off with a statement of intent for the evening in the form of the excellent ‘Objects of Desire’. It’s quickly clear that these guys are the real thing as they take us through impressive tracks like ‘Red Room’, Dan jumping up and down in the limited stage space, dark hair flopping and blue eyes staring. He’s the best frontman I’ve seen in a while. Tom’s vocals nicely offset Dan’s while Rob’s guitar lines have a little Yeah Yeah Yeahs to them and could even fit in with ‘Comfort Eagle’ era Cake. Whatever they are they give the songs a real edge.  Before we’re treated to two passionately delivered closing songs, ‘Kids’ and forthcoming single ‘Listen and Repeat’, Dan cockily tells us that ‘everything in our life up until now has been a warm up for this moment’. He’s got some cheek but, musically at least, he may be right! The band is off to play a show in Milan and then will be back to play a Shoreditch gig on February 26th. I unfortunately can’t make it to that one but you sure as hell should! Look out for a post on that gig and more from Televised Crimewave soon but in the meantime pre-order their debut single from Pure Groove.
Televised Crimewave, The Windmill, Feb 12th 09 by

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