Sky Larkin, ICA, 29th Jan


What? Sky Larkin + Pulled Apart By Horses

Sky Larkin are a new 3 piece band from Leeds signed to Witchita recordings through which they’re due to release their debut album The Golden Spike on February 9th. I was fortunate enough to catch the band at a Pure Groove instore and then at Concrete and Glass in Shoreditch at the end of last year. They impressed on both occassions with a powerful, tight live sound thanks to one hell of  a drummer called Nestor and front lady Katie steering the songs with her spikey guitar and bittersweet vocals. I must confess I’m not a Pulled Apart From Horses fan, anyone who has a song titled ‘I Punched a Lion In The Throat’ have got a lot to prove in my books! It would seem quite a few are being won over though so make up your own mind.

When? Thurs 29th Jan

Where? ICA, Pall Mall(ish)

How Much? £9

Tickets? Here

Sky Larkin – Molten


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