A Blast From The Past – Yeasayer, Windmill Brixton, August 2007

This was the first time I saw the marvellous Yeasayer back in 2007. They were unsigned and unheard of and I went to check them out on the back of an mp3 I downloaded from the excellent texas blog Gorilla vs Bear. The audience totalled about 40 people but the band really went for it from the go. I was blown away by them and tried to get everyone involved on the remainder of their first few UK dates. Needless to say they did quite well from there on in. The video of the band performing ‘2080’ above is pretty awfully shot by my unsteady hand and the damn Paparazzi is getting in the way but I think you get the idea.


2 Responses to “A Blast From The Past – Yeasayer, Windmill Brixton, August 2007”

  1. Wow. That brings back great memories. If I recall correctly there was just short of 60 there and I think at least half of those went to see them again later in the week.
    Those photographers were hungry for it weren’t they?

    • Hi Tim,

      Yep 60 odd was about right, I was working for Wall of Sound at the time and myself and Tony from a&r were blown away. We tried to turn the label on to them but they weren’t quite right for WOS unfortunately. They did end up working with PIAS though so that was partly due to my shoddy camera work but mostly thanks to you guys putting them on that night.

      I did get a lot of people to see them play in the Dublin Castle the next week too. It was a great show as well but the Windmill one will always stick in my head.

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